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Microgravity Flight Campaigns

Reentry observation missions with airborne radar

In-flight testing of avionics systems

Our aircraft : A300 ZERO-G

200m3 experimentation area

20 kVA electrical power available

40 passengers

Our performances

Since 1997, Novespace has performed 110 parabolic flight campaigns, more than 13 000 parabolas and 3 reentry observation missions (flying from Acapulco and from Cotonou)


Available on Youtube


07.04.14 | 110th Parabolic Flight Campaign, An ESA campaign

03.03.14 | 109th Parabolic Flight Campaign, A CNES campaign

03.02.14 | 108th Parabolic Flight Campaign, a DLR campaign

Opening to the public of zero-gravity discovery flights on board the Airbus A300 ZERO-G

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